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Apps Walkthrough


Walkthrough Technical Features:

    Walkthrough Introduction

    User Registration & Log In

Design Feature

    High Resolution Display

    Smooth navigation that are both practical and ergonomic

Registration Technical Features:
              ▪    Standardised Key In Method

              ▪    iOS 7 based platform

              ▪    SYNK

Design Features:
              ▪    Simple registration steps

              ▪    User Friendly input methodology with high contrast distinguishing

Planner Technical Features:
             ▪    Dual View Integration

             ▪    Simultaneous data feed

             ▪    SYNK

Design Features:
             ▪     Clean and simple arrangements

             ▪    Personalised journal assistance

 Media Archive Technical Features:
             ▪    Archive Database

             ▪    Interactive Content System

             ▪    Selective SYNK

Design Features:
             ▪    Collective Photographs / Videos

             ▪    Customisable content that are open to user preferences

 About Technical Features:

             ▪    Distinct Display

             ▪    Bridge to external resources

             Design Features:

             ▪    Information on App

             ▪    External links on Company

             ▪    Legal documentations


             Yield Projection CalculatorTechnical Features:
              ▪    Framework Interactive Tools

              ▪    Processing Algorithm (Realtime)

              ▪    Automated Projection

              ▪    SYNK

             Nutrient Deficiency Detector Technical Features:
             ▪    Framework Interactive Tools

             ▪    Processing Algorithm (Realtime)

             ▪    Automatic Identification

             ▪    SYNK

             Fertilizer consumption Calculator Technical Features:

              ▪    Framework Interactive Tools

              ▪    Processing Algorithm (Realtime)

              ▪    Automated Calculation System

              ▪    SYNK

             Published Report Database Technical Features:
            ▪    Framework Interactive Tools

            ▪    Archive Processed Document

            ▪    Personalised System

            ▪    SYNK

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