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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Greenfeed® Touch

The agricultural industry such as oil palm is well  known to hold significant values to the      involving countries or nations. This sector plays vital key in ensuring economical growth and stability of countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Southern America region, and so forth. Apart from that, the usefulness of this vegetable oil can be seen from the daily usage products ranges from cosmetics, medicinal use, fuel sources for machineries, and several other significant functions.
The establishment of the oil palm industry within the committing nations is now exceeding 100 years worldwide with commercial planting of this crop within this noteworthy period. Since then, advancements and innovations have been made, introduced, and presented within this industry with the sole objectivity to provide better and much more efficient practice within the oil palm industry.

Such advancements can be seen as much more exceptional fundamental agronomical researches of oil palms, machinery or technical tools for specified planting tasks, and also the latest would be incorporation of the latest technological development into the oil palm agricultural industry. The latter part is essential, given the fact to the current wave of the mobile devices industry that can be observed flourishing well among the global society. Hence, it would be advantageous for the oil palm industry if such growing interest within the mobile technological advancement could be innovatively incorporated together for the industry to grow onto another level.

The development of such apps requires tremendous commitment from the team as such revolutionized idea must initially have significant impact into the industry prior to designing the structure of the apps. The advantages must be noteworthy in order for the idea to be made into realization. This development process is both time and cost consuming as most of the tasks delegated focused more on literature studies, statistical analysis, continuous structural design, and so forth. It is vital for the apps be properly interactive for the user apart from being navigational as well as user friendly.

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