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Tailor Made Products

Greenfeed® Tailor Made Products
Product are specially tailored based on the need and requirements of the user

Greenfeed Groups has the technology and capacity to manufacture Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer according to the client’s requirement. It is so much related to understanding the basic principles of chemical interaction integrated within the composition of the fertilizer.

The objective is to be able to provide site-specific product and at the same time be able to improve as well as maintaining the synergistic interaction between the element inside the each of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer’s nugget. The essence for such accomplishment is fairly having a strong fundamental knowledge and also the newfangled technological advancement.

This effort encompasses beyond formulation; it involves the selection of materials incorporated inside the fertilizer. There are more than one source of material that can be used to deliver a required nutrient; however, the effectiveness and the suitability of the material for different range of soil series must also be taken into account. With different physical and chemical properties of the soil as well as the material selected, it is crucial to have strong fundamental knowledge defining the aforementioned factors.

Tailor Made Greenfeed
for Dry and Monsoon Application
In Greenfeed Groups, such advancement has been carried out for different areas whether locally or globally. Cambodia, Vietnam, and Northern Thailand, were among the few examples of Greenfeed Tailor Made products. Climate is the factor to overcome and having a distinct dry as well as wet season, Greenfeed Groups managed to formulate a perfect Tailor Made Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer just to cater to such conditions. As a result, the palms showed better growth and fruiting rate compared to the other palms that was not applied with Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer.

Tailor Made Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer products was also manufactured to Korea according to their requirements for their specific usage. The hurdles were the types of crops involved as well as the clear difference in term of weather and topographical factors. Hence, such specifications were met after an elaborative study and comparative analysis being carried out.

Indonesia was also one of the earnest Tailor Made Product that Greenfeed Groups has ever produced. This was due to the standard requirements enforced due to the difference soil compositions within the country. Regardless of the similarity shared with Malaysia in term of weather and location; Indonesia has several different soil characteristics as compared to Malaysia. Thus, the formulations as well as the chemical compositions were altered in order to deliver the quality of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer to the respective clients in Indonesia.

Greenfeed® Tailor Made Product was also manufactured to Tahiti (French Polynesia) for palm-based agricultural crops. The soil composition of the Island is distinctively different from Malaysia which is bound by the volcanic depositions over time. Thus, requiring a significant specified formulation of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer. Committed to such demand and unique experience, the requested Tailor Made Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer product was successfully formulated and utilized commercially by the clients within the French Polynesia region.

The continuity of the Tailor Made Greenfeed® Product are also assured over time for selective required clients; such definitive profile for each clients were stored and kept for easy referencing as well as for effective manufacturing procedures. Some of the clients have been using Tailor Made Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer for over 8 years and the results showed satisfaction and also improvements over time. This is the fruitful result from the continuos effort carried out by Greenfeed Groups over the years of establishment.

Greenfeed Groups have more than 25 years of researches and studies carried out in understanding the behavior of crops such as palms relative to the different factors affecting the growth rate and yield. Such distinctive on-going effort are part of the pledge taken by the team in Greenfeed Groups which carries the objective to improve, innovate, and implement effective as well as advanced agricultural practices within the industry.