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Greenfeed® Research Center


Our R&D facility is the first non-government R&D facility, staffed by some of Malaysia’s leading Crop Science, Soils and Fertilizer researchers. Because of their expertise, these researchers have developed and patented new technologies & improved existing technologies to provide value to the Malaysia market, in terms of product design and mix at a low cost of production. They are also responsible for successfully bringing Malaysia into the fertilizer production and distribution market, including obtaining licenses for the manufacturing of slow-release homogenous fertilizers.

Greenfeed Group of Companies' vision is to provide the agriculture industry with high efficiency and environmental friendly fertilizer products. With those principles in mind, we are incessantly researching and improving our existing product range   and developing new ones. All agronomic research, development and laboratory tests are carried out in our own R&D center. We provide our customers with various soil tests, foliar tests and physiological tests. The research team is lead by a panel of agronomists and scientists.

The research team is equipped with - other than the laboratory - numerous field testing equipments. The investment of these equipments is to facilitate our technical advice of the precise application of fertilizer to our clients. Our Technical Research & Development Department is key to our efforts in ensuring the quality and the superiority of the company’s product. This is achieved through various activities such as:

  • Pre-sales consultation services:
introduction and company sales support.
  • Post-sales consultation services:
Continues support for customers through suitable agronomist services agronomist services                
  • Other consultancy services:
Advice and suggestions on method of applications, appropriate manure program, development of new products, and other related matters frequently faced by customers
  • Commercial trial and testing services:
Customers’ recognitions of the company’s products and services.

Over the years, the credibility of Greenfeed® has been proven through the rigorous studies carried out by the company on numerous areas locally and internationally. This is a continuation effort in improving and enhancing the current practices for better efficacy and efficiency. Studies will continue to be carried out as a part of our services to our respective clients and also as a part of our effort towards sustainable practices.

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Greenfeed Lab offers an entire suite of analytical testing. We are dedicated to toward providing accurate, unbiased analysis of current products. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for concerning irrigation water, leaves, soil, and plant tissue. Greenfeed Professional Lab is staffed by expert technical advisors and talented in-house personnel to make up the manpower component of the company known to be the industry's most successful slow release fertilizers company. These individuals represent a wide array of scientific disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, and Mechanical engineering. We also work in collaboration with University Putra Malaysia, UPM and researchers worldwide so that we can be updated of new technologies and possibly utilize them, as well as to obtain independent assessment of our products.

Greenfeed products are made based on exacting scientific research. Many of the products we have produced until  today were the result of continuous research and innovation. Millions of dollars have been invested annually to extensively research product technologies and raw materials before introducing them into our market. 

We utilize various techniques to best define product performance. For example, our product development undergoes a series of actual evaluations over many years. To date nearly 200 or more of our research findings have been documented in order for us to define product performance under real world conditions. These ongoing, worldwide testing of our products, in the lab and under a variety of field conditions, allow us to benchmark   our products against other products and help us to improve upon existing products as well as capitalize on existing innovations necessary to give us the technical edge over others to prosper in the competitive business environment.

  1. Quality Control Services: Consistent testing and monitoring the product quality of each batch of production
  2. Post-sales consultation services: Continue support the customers with sustainable
  3. agronomist services
  4. Data analysis and Data gathering:-

  •     Nitrogen in fertilizers
  •     Phosphorus in fertilizer
  •     Potassium in Fertilizer
  •     Magnesium in Fertilizer
  •     Boron in Fertilizers


  •     Nitrogen in Foliar
  •     Potassium in Foliar
  •     Magnesium in Foliar


  •     Nitrogen in Soil
  •     Potassium in Soil
  •     Phosphorus in Soil

Moisture level
pH level


As time progresses, the innovations and advancements achieved within this industry are also improving. As every basic principle is redefined, every knowledge is restructured and every practice is reorganized; here in Greenfeed Groups we believed that one must play its role as a part of the industry in sharing these developments to the mass.

We achieve new paradigms over times as we retain one of the latest technology advancement within the industry. Thus, aligned with our responsibility in sharing these advancements, we cater to it by having seminars, talks, conferences, clinics, and trainings to our respective clients. We endure the wisdom to achieve new tiers and also fulfill our responsibility to share and educate the mass. 

This is the objective lie behind every effort carried out by Greenfeed Groups that is to assist, to educate, and to advice on matters related to Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer as well on agronomic practices. As we believe, with every milestones,  we can bring this agricultural sector to a new level where sustainability is the key criteria.


Planters today no longer seeking for conventional manuring approaches, they wishes this industry would be able to catch up to their expectation in view for todays technology capability. Inline with its vision on being passion and innovation, GASB introduces fertilizer with traceability capability, i-Trace. Traceability is an important aspect in fertilizing whether in term of field auditing, monitoring, supervising, and confirming authenticity. This is one of the important aspects that this industry are seeking many years, since planters can never have an efficient mechanism in allowing such confirmation or assurance in determining the availability or nutrients balance tasks to be carried out effectively. With this innovation, i-Trace not only serves as main function of fertilizing but also it is capable to furnish detail to planters in terms of field auditing, monitoring, supervising, and confirming authenticity. Thus, such procedure can be carried out efficiently and effectively without much hassle.

How it Works
I-Trace will emit luminescence properties that will allow planters to carry out residual tasks such as monitoring the nutrient supply status of the fertilizer as well as decision-making. This luminous characteristic of I-Trace capability was achieved through the realization of the luminescence reaction that occurred instantaneously. The reaction is known as photoluminescence, which is a process known as resonant radiations involving absorption and emission of photons. The period between absorbing the energy to the emission of photon occurred for as rapid as 10 nanosecond.
However, such period can be prolonged to minutes or even hours. Such intermediating process will in fact promote internal energy transition, which is also known as photo-excitation reaction resulting in greenish fluorescence to be observed. The resulting greenish fluorescence that can be observed from this reaction was due to the photon energy excitation level absorbed and emitted.
With the incorporation of Strontium (Sr) into Greenfeed® I-trace, the luminous properties will primarily act as indicator, revealing the nutrient status that is still available within the fertilizer. Functioning as reference for much more accurate reference to the next cycle of fertilizing. Having the decaying lifespan similar to Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer, the intensity of the luminous properties observed will provide an indication to the remaining nutrient level within the fertiliser.

Practicality and efficiency are two vital characteristics that should be highlighted within agricultural sector especially such as oil palm. This is to ensure planting cycles can be carried out with reduced inputs (cost) with increasing output (yield). Inline with the company’s vision of passion with innovation, GASB introduces a new range of fertilizer with additional bio-incorporated properties that will assist with pollination, which is known as Greenfeed® POLITECH. Pollination is a vital process that determines the fruit-bunching rate of the palms; hence low pollinating rate denoted low fruit bunching rate is observed. Thus, with Greenfeed® POLITECH, the pollination rate of the inflorescence can be improved resulting in better fruit bunching. The introduction of this technology is a fusion between organic and inorganic materials; parallel to fertilizing and pollinating. With this technology, planters will be able to experienced improved yielding of the oil palms.
Over the years, studies has showed that oil palms inflorescence pollination process is carried out mostly by insects (weevil) such as Elaeidobius kamerunicus which feeds on the soft part of the inflorescence. It was also proven that with introduction of the E. kamerunicus into the oil palms plantation, increment in yield as much as 30% were observed in studies field.
This innovation held not only the objective for fertilizers in-doing up keeping, balancing or maintaining nutrients for crops, like oil palms, but also further assisting pollination of inflorescence for fruit’s bunching via bio-aspect. Without having to go though many hassle or any unconventional practices utilizing only the basic principles held behind natural oil palms pollination process, planters can enjoy higher yielding as conventionally fertilizer can perform any of significant attributes.

How it Works
The principle behind Greenfeed® POLITECH is to introduce alternative attractor that could attract the E. kamerunicus to the oil palms with the intention on further assist pollinating progression. The most suitable candidate for the selection of attractant is Estragole or methyl Chavicol (a natural non-hazardous and environmentally friendly organic compound) which is widely known as main attractant of E. kamerunicus. These incorporation has allow Greenfeed® fertilizer to attract more substantial of E. kamerunicus to the palms for further pollination process.
Theoretically, within a same block of oil palms, the population of E. kamerunicus will be concentrated at the area with the desired attractant (Estragole). Hence, increasing the cumulative yield of the oil palms per hectare; resulting from better and much more efficient pollination of the oil palm inflorescence without having to put any extra effort.

10 : 6 : 20 : 5 MgO : 0. 3 B : H2O+

A Complete fertilizer with Hydrocell enriched

Greenfeed® Hydrocell H20+ is a hydro format retaining fertilizer that comes with polymeric membrane that capable of absorbing water and holing it and releases via the methodology of slow release. This product is design in a special form of high pressed nugget 16g ~18g respectively, the enriched hydrocell within will not only help plan to develop a stronger rooting mass for better nutrient intake, it also have the capacity in retain and stored water in the environment where water is scarce.
H2O+ has another significant attribute, it can improve the porosity of soils by ventilating it resulting better circulation of moisture oxidation intake, this process was almost immediate especially, the nugget come into contact with water, the later will evaporate the external layer and essential nutrients and moisture requirement with take place, unlike the conventional approach, crystalized powder and granular require to blended with soil.
This breakthrough fertilizer is specially formulated to achieve synergetic result by allowing each chemical and component to act together for essential nutrients N-P-K-MgO-B-TE to be absorbed by the plants within duration of 6 months application. This product is highly recommended for greenhouse, nurseries, field planting, and reforestation of arid region. Greenfeed® Hydrocell is also design to look into the essential of commercial crops where labor cost, growth rate and yield play a very important role. More importantly this product is specially designed and engineered for commercial crops in subtropical dry and hot desert climate.

Application rate of Greenfeed Hydrocell (H2O+)

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