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Greenfeed Group At The International Palm Oil Exhibition 2014 (INPALME), Medan, Indonesia

Another tribute to the Greenfeed that invited to the International Convention Center in Medan, Indonesia for an exhibition organized by the regional alignment palm there. Beginning on March 19, 2014 until March 21, 2014 Greenfeed not forget to take part in this exhibition which it is the largest event in the agricultural calendar in southeast Asia. Among the delegates representing Malaysia, Greenfeed also has one representative in the event a large number of shows together and develop formulations and palm oil as well as the latest technology in the field of modern agroculture and to identify products derived from palm translations into regional networks in the region, in particular and Southeast Asia in general.

Greenfeed Groups have recently taken part in another outstanding oil palm exhibition hosted in Medan, Indonesia. The mentioned exhibition was the International Palm Oil Exhibition – INPALME 2014 at the Medan International Convention Center (MICC). This marks another milestones for Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer as the pioneer of Slow Release Fertilizer. This is the platform for Greenfeed Groups to disseminate knowledge on Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer with planters and key players of the oil palm industry in Indonesia. Medan is also known to be the center corridor connecting the northern Sumatera region with other global players in the agricultural sector.

Greenfeed At The World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2013

World Innovation Forum-Kuala Lumpur 2013 (WIF-KL 2013) aspires to create a new culture of innovation, and is to be held at the epicentre of economic growth, emerging technologies and innovation in Asia. WIF-KL 2013 is jointly organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Malaysian Innovation Foundation/Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM). YIM has formed a collaborative effort with My Events Sdn Bhd to jointly organize the WIF-KL exhibition.

WIF-KL 2013 is a testament of the previous Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forums (KLIF) organised by YIM in 2010 and 2011. KLIF was rebranded as WIF-KL in 2012 due its success and demand for a truly global platform to deliberate on all aspects of innovation. We are expecting more than 1,500 delegates from over 25 countries to participate in the forum and more than 10,000 visitors to visit the exhibition. It will showcase a wide range of innovations such as grassroots, product innovation, education, research, commercialization and integration of innovation to propel the region toward high-income advanced economy nations.

"The global economy has changed tremendously over the years and innovation has emerged as the key driver to propel nations forward up the value chain. WIF-KL 2013 will provide the perfect platform for all key stakeholders from policy makers, academicians, private sectors to and the public. This is where ideas are seen as seeds of tangible outcomes; where even ideas that seem to be off-tangent and radical are internalized and made achievable through careful and innovative deliberation. WIF-KL 2013 is definitely not just your average conference". 


Yet Another Millage of Green-Practices

Greenfeed is always on the cutting edge on putting drawing onto realities with the continuation on delivering “passion with innovation” we have turn to our own research facilities into an ecofriendly precinct, with its recently completed an Eco-R&D Office a radical greener architecture approach showing the full potential possibilities of used shipping containers were uses in maintaining minimum ecology and environmental disturbances.
These 2 stories 8×40’ containers are build rely on a relatively simple external configuration that provides for more spatial possibilities on the interior. A total of 2,688sf build-up area were harness from the normal staggering on top of each cubical, also the design has further allowing us to initiate our 12kW solar-tariff-in on rooftop.
The vision of Green-construction has always been what we wanted to deliver and initiate with Greener practices!
Lets Go-Green!

When all this competed the design of the containers themselves had become a stylish structural complete with nuanced design additions and modifications that blur the line between container and architecture and this has always been Greenfeed practice, simple and practical at all time!

The 2nd Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery and Technology Exhibition and Conference

2 (Tue) - 4 (Thu) July 2013, Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru - Riau, Indonesia

4 (Thu) July 2013
Exhibition 3rd Day
Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru - Riau

Today is the last day for The Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery, and Technology Exhibition & Conference (INAPALM) 2013 located in the Labersa Hotel Convention Center, Pekanbaru, Indonesia. As usual, the day began at approximately 09.00 am as exhibitors, visitors, planters, engineers, and agronomists making their way in to indulge into what new improvements are currently available in the industry.  It was a steady beginning as this is the last day of the exhibition. Visitors are taking their time to walk around and hopping from booth to booth to enquire and entertain their curiosity.

We managed to entertain several numbers of visitors that drop by our booth to enquire more about our product and the services that we have to offer. This has been a good an productive day for us as most of them consist of local planters, representatives from companies or organizations, and agronomists.  They express their unfamiliarity with our product and at the same time the eagerness to know more and even wanting to try our product in their area.

Towards the later half of the day, the atmosphere inside the exhibition was a calm and a bit laggard. Therefore, we use the time to walk around and make acquaintance with other exhibitors within the exhibition hall. Some of the exhibitor exhibits their specialty through a session of demonstration and it was rather and interesting experience for us.

The day was concluded at approximately 05.00 pm local time and we then disassemble our booth to conclude our journey at the exhibition. It took us almost 1 hour and then we head back to our accommodation before concluding our day after dinner as well as the usual summarizing session. We will be heading back to Malaysia tomorrow on a 03.00 pm flight local time and is estimated to arrive at approximately 05.00 pm Malaysia time.

It has been a good experience for us and we are looking forward to opportunity such as these for us to establish and share our wisdom, objective, as well as our long achievements within this industry.
Reporting to you from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. This is Greenfeed Groups.

3 (Wed) July 2013
Exhibition 2nd Day
Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru - Riau

Today is the second day of our journey in The Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery, and Technology Conference & Exhibition 2013 (INAPALM 2013). The day began at approximately 09.00 am with a steady atmosphere inside the exhibition hall at the Labersa Hotel Convention Center. Visitors consisting of consultants, participants, key player of the Indonesian Oil Palm Industry can be seen walking around and visiting booths to gather information and knowledge on the current technological advancements within this industry. Local representatives within Riau Province can also be seen, finding possible technology that could benefit their engagements.

This is a good opportunity for Greenfeed Groups to expand its wing within this particular region of Indonesia and sharing the benefits as well as the advantages that Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer has to offer.  Among the visitors were also some of the previous visitors from the recent exhibition that we partake. With positive responds and feedbacks, we eagerly engage each of our respective visitors and share the knowledge that we have amass over the years.

Today, the conference only lasts until about 3.30 pm local time and the participants shall again be going to the booths to continue engaging into discussions with the exhibitors. The day went well as the progress within our booth was smooth and the flow is satisfactory. We were able to manage overcrowding issues properly and the every visitors were entertained personally to avoid wrong information being conveyed to them.

It has been a good second day of this exhibition and the day was concluded at approximately 6.00 pm as we went to our accommodation before proceeding to rest.

This is a live feed from the team in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Stay tuned for our updates for the last day of the exhibition.

2 (Tue) July 2013
Exhibition 1st Day
Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru - Riau

Today is the first day of the exhibition and we are located at booth 1E-11 inside the Labersa Ballroom. If you follow our updates, you can easily find our booth with the presented design and layout. The exhibition commences at about 9.00 am local time with the opening ceremony officiated by the General Director of Agriculture. The theme this year is “Kiat Sukses Meningkatkan Produktivitas Kelapa Sawit” and thus incorporating technological advancement into the agricultural industry focusing on oil palms.

Today’s attendees consist mainly of delegates, participants, academicians, and planters. Inside the exhibition hall, the scenario is fast paced as a number of visitors can be seen walking from booth to booth filling to their needs and requirements. Towards the middle part of the day, everything begins to slow to down a bit as most of the visitors went into the second session of the conference. Therefore, we took this opportunity to walk around and make acquaintance with other exhibitors within this industry.

Generally, the acceptance of the community within this exhibition by far is rather positive and they are keen on experiencing the benefit and advantages first hand. It was a satisfactory first day progress for us all and by the end of the day, we went home after securing our booth to find dinner.

We had our usual briefing and brainstorm session for the day and rest to prepare for day two of the exhibition. It was a long day for us but it is worthwhile. Reporting to you live from Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

1 (Mon) July 2013
Exhibition Preparation Day
Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru - Riau

A very good day from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Today is the beginning of our journey in The Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery, and Technology Exhibition & Conference 2013 (INAPALM 2013) in Labersa Convention Center, Pekanbaru, Indonesia. This event officially commences on the 2nd July 2013 until 4th July 2013 and we have safely arrived at the Bandar Udara Sultan Syarif Kasim II at approximately 3:30 pm local time. We travel in a pack of four and we stayed in the hotel within Pekanbaru Town Center for commuting ease.

Therefore, today as usual is the crucial day for every exhibition as the booth is being setup and every aspect of the overall setup structure are being tested for any possible scenario. The setup is more or less the similar process except for this particular event, we signify more towards the versatility of our product as well as our capacity.

The day began at about 8.00 am local time and the overall troubleshooting process was completed at about 5.00 pm local time. The electricity test and troubleshooting can only be carried out around 3.00 pm and we observe for any instability or uncertainty of our system.

Pekanbaru is a very interesting city and we conclude our day with a dinner and a briefing session for our game plan tomorrow. Rest assured, stay tuned for our daily updates on Greenfeed Groups progress in The Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery, and Technology Exhibition & Conference 2013 (INAPALM 2013) in Labersa Hotel, Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

The 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Palm Oil

7 (Tue) - 9 (Thu) May 2013, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia

8 (Wed) May 2013
Exhibition 2nd Day
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Good day from Jakarta! Today is the second day of the International Conference & Exhibition for Palm Oil (ICEPO) and as usual, the day started as early as 8.00 am local time. Held at the prestigious Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia; the number of visitors today are as compared to yesterday. The visitors consist of lecturers, knowledgeable professors, young future generations of the Indonesian palm oil industry, respective clients, and not to forget, our fellow competitors. As usual, we us this opportunity to share our knowledge and to keep our clients updated with our current innovation within the industry. 

Some of our previous visitors do come again to our booth today to share with their friends the advancements that Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer has to offer. Similar to yesterday, few of our current clients brought forward their close acquaintance to our booth and consult our technical representatives regarding the benefits as well the technical aspect of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer. For today, we have to opportunity to witness the eagerness of the oil palm planters in Indonesia and how they are more than glad to welcome new innovations that will definitely benefit their plantations.

A long and yet another satisfying day for us today in ICEPO 2013; Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) and do stay tuned for more updates on the event. As usual, reporting to you from Jakarta, Indonesia.

7 (Tue) May 2013
Exhibition 1st Day
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Greetings from Jakarta! Today is the big day for us as the ICE-PO exhibition officially started. We arrive at the exhibition in around 8.00 am local time. It was quite busy in the exhibition hall as other exhibitors also busy doing final preparation in their own booths to ensure everything was perfect for upcoming visitors. 

Today we were also assisted by AgroMahligai Indonesia representatives, Atik and Eka. Visitors started to flood the exhibition area after the keynote speech by the Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia.  Our Greenfeed booth was also flooded by visitors and potential clients who were eager to know about what Greenfeed can offer in terms of products and services. 

Some satisfied Greenfeed clients also didn’t missed the chance sharing their own good experience using Greenfeed fertilizer. This is indeed a good opportunity for us to be here to share our knowledge and information. Stay tuned for the latest update tomorrow. 

As usual, reporting live from Jakarta, Indonesia.

6 (Mon) May 2013
Exhibition Preparation Day
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Greetings from Jakarta, we arrived safely a day before in Jakarta at approximately 5:30 pm local time. Today we came early at 9 am at Jakarta Convention centre to set up Greenfeed booth located in Booth C20. We spend the rest of the day working together in setting up and decorating the booth to ensure guest who visit our booth tomorrow will get the best Greenfeed experience. 

In around noon we had our lunch together at nearby hawker stall before resumed our work in the afternoon.  While waiting for the electricity to be supplied before we can pre test all the electrical equipments, we also did some discussion and brainstorming to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s big event. Our booth is located in Booth C20 and can be easily find as it located at the centre of the exhibition hall.

In around 7 30 pm local time, we went back to our accommodation after ensuring everything was in perfect condition for tomorrow’s event.  Stay tuned for the latest updates on Greenfeed booth at ICEPO 2013

Reporting live to you from our accommodation in Batavia Apartment, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Greenfeed Company Trip 

4 - 7 October 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam 

We had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Vietnam this year as part of our Greenfeed family trip. It was an entertaining journey of 3 nights & 4 days. During this trip we had the opportunity to visit Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and get to be on the majestic cruise. Also, we had our moments inside the must-visit cave in Ha Long Bay.

Here, you can see some of the pictures that we shared and through this memorable journey, we grew closer as a family and as a team. It was a fun journey for us and as you can see in the pictures above, we were smiling and laughing all the time!

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition for Palm Oil 

9 - 11 May 2012, Jakarta Convention Center

11 (Friday) May 2012
Exhibition Day 3:
Jakarta Convention Center
The last day of the exhibition was a smooth and steady day. It was the day that the exhibition was visited by the public. The day began at around 8:00 am local time with a scheduled conference held during the first half of the day. Visitors came in to explore the advancements that this propitious industry has to offer. Apart from that, current clients visited our booth much like the previous two days were excited and would like to know more about Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer. 

We received positive feedback regarding Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer that is currently being used within their plantations. Most of them were keen to know more about the latest advancements achieved by the company. Fellow agronomists, academicians, agricultural adviser, and planters received our technological achievements well as well as acknowledging the sustainability characteristics that was delivered with the usage of this product. As usual, we were there to greet and share every aspect necessary pertaining to Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer.

The day ended around 6:00 pm local time and we pack things up and finalize the details with our fellow representatives in Jakarta. We then returned to our accommodations and organized everything up for our return to Malaysia the next day. 

It was a fruitful effort carried out by the team as planters and key players of the industry in Indonesia are now aware of such technological availability within the Indonesian Oil Palm Industry. We had the experience of interacting with the participants during the exhibition. Apart from that, the Indonesian Oil Palm industry plays a vital role to their society in improving their living standard. With the oil palm industry blooming in the country, more and more family have a better future and as part of this industry whether in Malaysia, Indonesia, or anywhere else, we pledge to assure that sustainability are always practiced.

-Greenfeed News-

10 (Thursday) May 2012
Exhibition Day 2: 
Jakarta Convention Center
Reporting Live again.... from Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on day 2 (Two) of the exhibition. As the saying goes "Early Birds do deserves their meals" Is only 10 Minutes we require for us to set up our booth! From the experience we gain earlier, we arrived the booth earlier, so we have ample of time in carrying out scouting and investigation from suppliers competing in this industry. When doors opens participants from young and old ranging from new planters to researchers could not neglect our booth since, it is truthfully sleek & savvy also the exhibitor within are well learnner in entertaining inquiry. 

Since, the turned out was unexpectedly high and we are have insufficient hands in entertaining all (even though we have 8 exhibitors in total), this may resulted some discomfort and dismay from nearby exhibitor(s) too, probe were literary send into our both for interception purpose. Other than that, few fellow researches and academicians greeted our innovations positively as they are also in similar direction as ours in order to elevate this industry onto another tiers. With even "BIGGER welcoming applauses given to the interceptor for joining our booth" they fly aways like a bullet!....we might have a new recruits! 

Question addressed were more genuine and uses are sincere to receipt with open years          

Day 3 (three) tomorrow, we expect our day to be much more challenging, hectic, and fun altogether! So, please wait for our updates all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Writing to you from Starbucks Coffee Senayan Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia.

-Greenfeed News-

9 (Wed) May 2012
Exhibition Day 1: The Beginning of Greenfeed in ICE-PO
Jakarta Convention Center
Reporting from Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on day 1 (one) of the exhibition. Greenfeed Booth is now completed and all the necessary preparations were made. We are now ready to embark onto this new journey together with our friendly representatives in Indonesia. So, in a team of eight, we are ready to share, disseminate, and exchange knowledges with the crowds of the Indonesian Oil Palm Industry. For day 1, the beginning of the day started slowly as most of the participants and visitors were gathered within the main conference hall for official launching of the exhibition as well as key addresses from several iconic spokespersons within this industry. 

Soon after completion, some eager participants, delegates, and visitors went to our booth to get some insight as to what makes Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer the right choice for oil palms. Some of the visitors were captivated by sleek presentation of our booth which portrays both technological advancements as well as panoramic 3-View video presentations. We as usual are ready to greet them with a warm smile and open arms.

Throughout the rest of the day, the event went smoothly and every visitors to Greenfeed Booth were complimented with gifts as well as premier items. They were well aware of Greenfeed Slow Release Fertilizer and are excited to experience the effectiveness of this revolutionizing fertilizer first hand. 

Day 1 (one) ended around 6:00pm local time and in total, more than 30 visitors registered in our Guest Book as well many others left their name cards. The visitors and participants were very friendly and open into accepting the significance of this fertilizer into this growing industry in Indonesia. We then pack up the booth and went back home to in order to prepare for the exciting Day 2 (two) of ICE-PO. Apart from knowledge transfer, we also managed to make friends with the visitors as well as the participants within the exhibition. Good day Great Experience!

Writing to you from Starbucks Coffee Senayan Mall Jakarta, Indonesia.

-Greenfeed News-

8 (Tue) May 2012
Exhibition Preparation Day
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
Reporting live from Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). A team of 4 is currently carrying out the setup for Greenfeed Booth located at Booth C08. The booth setup process is being completed and was able to be carried out without much hassle. The remaining time are being used to further decorate the booth with  plant selection in order to further grooming our booth. All of the efforts are to ensure proper hosting of our booth for our much welcomed visitors and friends. Our booth is easy to find as it is located near the main entrance of the main exhibition hall. 

Now, we are waiting for the electrical testing period which is scheduled on 6:00 pm local time. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Greenfeed Booth ICE-PO 2012.

Reporting live to you from Starbucks Coffee Senayan Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia (the only FREE Internet place for updates!)


15 September 2011

Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Greenfeed Updates 2011

Greenfeed Team Trip to Miri, Sarawak (20 - 24 June 2011)