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Greenfeed® Facilities


Located in the heart of Hicom Damansara, Shah Alam, Malaysia, Greenfeed expends much effort on raw material sourcing, production systems, quality assurance, formulation and packaging to ensure our clients receive quality products every time. Greenfeed owns one of the most advanced and leading slow release fertilizer manufacturing facilities with annual manufacturing capacity existing 14,000MT.

Our commitment is towards producing reliable and consistent slow release fertilizer products. Our products are formulated under the most stringent quality standard in ensuring the nutrient/active ingredient; product stability; efficiency and ease of application. Slow release fertilizers are engineered to provide a specific release characteristic that has been proven through laboratory trials, field trials and customer experiences. Our Slow Release Fertilizer was tailored with formulation to suite the crops growth and climatic situation.

Being the pioneer in slow release technology, Greenfeed has mastered various nutrient formulations and custom formulation specifically for our golden crops’ Oil Palm and Rubber. A total of 400 field technical researches were continues around S.E.A region until present day.


In 2004 Greenfeed introduced its patented “Palletized and Coated technology”, PCT in short, which was developed in the 1990’s. This technology was first applied by Greenfeed Group. PCT is a leading technology for today’s fertilizer industry, because of it is highly efficient with extremely low solid recyclable rates. In addition, this technology allows maximum operating flexibility and reliability as well as minimum maintenance requirements requiring fewer operating staff.

The nuggets or palletized product are more uniformed and very hard and therefore highly resistant to crushing and abrasion.  The nuggets can also be produced in a wide range of defined sizes. 

With its unique technology, PCT features many more highlights:-

Flexibility / On-stream time
Its outstanding flexibility permits virtually all requested product size distributions, from an average 15~20gm, to be produced in the same plant without interrupting operation for size change. The palletized process provides simple startup and shutdown procedures and a turndown ratio which is 20% of the nominal capacity. The inherent reliability of the process is largely due to the PCT process that does not involve many moving parts and belt conveyors usually required for transportation.

Efficient, cost-effective scrubbing technology is used to recover the valuable product and to meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Product quality
High-quality palletized nuggets are conveniently oval-shaped, and particularly resistant to crushing and abrasion, making them unique and easy to apply manually or mechanically.

High efficiency
With the sophisticated mechanically PCT selectivity process, the normal high quantity in wastage and product recycling section minimized.    


We believe the efficiency of an organization is determined by the equal development of various value chain activities. The ultimate objective is business growth and profit at rate that is capable of outperforming the industry average at all times.

We have reduced the whole value chain into three main focus:

Production and Logistics

The end of 2004 saw the new beginning of a new era for marketing and distribution excellence at Greenfeed; one which introduces a new way of thinking and working to drive significant improvements in our execution capability at the point of sale.

The Management forms the basis for Greenfeed and its distribution partners to continuously improve service level and gain further competitive advantage in Malaysian Fertilizer Market. Leveraging on our extensive global network, Greenfeed aims to maximize the opportunities for cross border learning and knowledge exchange for our people by incorporating best practices from several key markets and our current distribution partners. It is the primary purpose of the management to institutionalize best practice and improve effectiveness in marketing and technical back-up processes to enable Greenfeed to achieve its marketing goals and objectives.

All Greenfeed products have been properly tested to ensure that they are legal, safe, reliable and highly efficient. Not all fertilizer manufacturers share this commitment and compliance to strict labeling, tracking control, and safety precautions. Health & Safety advice is included on our labels; it is our practice to provide a manual or guide along with the delivery of our products so that safety procedures, proper guidelines on usage, and MSDS are ready to hand as and when required by our clients.

3-S’ System; Sales, Services & Support
Greenfeed Group of Companies sells through distributors, but assumes responsibility over distribution infrastructures. As a result, we have trained and   accredited distributors. We conduct field trials and education programs for distributors and planters with involving influential partners so that we can validate our value-added fertilizer.

Starting with countries in South East Asia where Greenfeed has a cost advantage in producing Slow Release Fertilizer Product, we are diversifying internationally to capture margin. Our aim is to provide high-quality fertilizers combined with exceptional customer service and distributor support to place the company as leading provider of Slow Release Fertilizer.

After Sales Technical Services
Greenfeed vision is found in accordance to the government policy toward assisting Malaysia’s agricultural sector, thereby generating extra income and a higher standard of living for Malaysian farmers.

Greenfeed believes in the importance of continuously educating planters in cost saving, efficient as well as environmentally friendly products. A mobile technical service vehicle is in operation to provide professional services to planters all over the country.

Our dedicated and professional technical division is hands-on and advises on the best methods of improving the yield and the quality of soil by using slow release fertilizer. Countless talk, seminars and road-show has been organized by us since 2005 in order to inform and educate all relevant individuals about the significance of these slow release fertilizer product.