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"passion with innovation"

Greenfeed Group of Companies was incorporated in Malaysia in 1975. The Company started out as a small trading agricultural raw-materials company. Over time, the Company ventured into agricultural sectors, sourcing and supplying agricultural goods and commodities to local plantation and estates.

With the vision to expand in the 80’s, Greenfeed diversified into fertilizer research and development thus “Palletized Slow Release Fertilizer” was introduced.

Greenfeed promotes Palletized Slow Release Fertilizer product based on its significant cost saving technological advantages and eco-friendliness, where less concentration of frequency on fertilizer manuring and vast and intensive labor requirement could be resolved in ever hiking plantation overhead. 

To cope with clients’ ever changing need, Greenfeed is constantly keeping itself updated with new technology; undertaking its own research and development; searching for improvement in the formulations, applications and re-mastering its raw materials usage.

Today, in line with its vision for the future, Greenfeed shall continue its quest for local and global recognition on its product quality and services through extensive technology enhancement and research & development.


Our vision is to provide any planter with high efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer products to increase crop yields while maintaining ecological balance.

Our mission is to be the leading Manufacturer of slow-release fertilizers (SRF) and Services Provider for the agricultural industry in South East Asia (S.E.A) region.

Our company's innovative team has been researching and developing products that:

  • Reduce plantation costs
  • Provide alternative forms of fertilizer
  • Provide cost effective maintenance fertilizers
  • Produce environmentally friendly and organic products
  • Maintain the natural balance back into the soil
  • Enable the sustainability of agriculture
  • Improve yield

We achieve success through a straight forward business practice of cutting the cost of raw materials, providing our clients with direct shipping services and reducing handling as well as freight costs.
  • The company fully supports the philosophy of sustainability by providing our clients with competitive products and prices.
  • We are able to customize and supply tailor-made Slow Release Fertilizer on a bulk basis.
  • We help to reduce highly concentrated nitrogen and phosphate applications.
  • We aim to assist and reduce  plantation costs with sustainable production.


Greenfeed Group of Companies business operation is focused on the fertilizer trading and manufacturing business. Our goal is to deliver value to our stakeholders. We manage our business with due skill, care and prudence. In doing business, we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers, and comply with the operative legislation and regulation applicable to the markets in which we trade, with awareness of the environmental impact our business may create.

Our business policy is structured to provide a planned and systematic approach to quality and continued improvement with emphasis on effective customer satisfaction, value added product development, growth and increasing value to stakeholders.

Our business strategy requires the setting up of objectives, measures and key performance indicators, documented and reviewed per schedule as to their compliance and effectiveness.  Ongoing implementation and maintenance of operation manual and systems will ensure that quality management and business excellence permeates throughout the organization.

We are committed to investment in development, advancement and value of both the Company and our employees through training in order to improve knowledge, skills, competency, and to enhance process and career.


We believe in the goal of sustainable development as the cornerstone of a business policy. We recognize, as a good corporate citizen, our responsibilities in safeguarding the environment in the course of our business operations. To work towards developing a balance between environmental conservation and business objectives, we shall:

  • Review, adopt and implement Good Management Practices currently established in the industry.
  • Continue to explore and implement cost effective technology in environmental management practices


We hope with this corporation, we will conduct business in the highest standards of ethics, integrity and governance. These standards shall guide all our activities:

We will maintain full and accurate company records to account for our activities. All assets and property of the company will be used only for the benefit of the company. No team member activities will conflict with the interest of the company.

We will deal with both customers and suppliers based on merit and fairness. We will work diligently to earn our customers’ business and will expect our suppliers to do the same.

We will deal with all team members with respect, courtesy and fairness. We will ensure a workplace environment free of harassment or discrimination. We will provide opportunities based solely on performance.

We will educate all team members concerning our ethics policies and will require their compliance. Each team member will be responsible for his/her own compliance with the content and spirit of these policies.


We are committed to the development of our people to ensure their career success, bringing about immediate and long term benefits to the organization and other stakeholders, and ensure a sustainable future for our company.

We will endeavor to attract, develop and retain qualified, creative and innovative people, by:-  

  • Ensuring that our people have a clear understanding of our stakeholders’ wishes, needs and expectations.
  • Ensuring that our people are challenged by realistic goals and empowering them to make the necessary decision.
  • Supporting our people’s needs and expectations in developing and enhancing their skills, knowledge, qualifications and careers.
  • Endeavoring to offer our people fair remuneration, attractive employment terms and safe work conditions.
  • Providing a safe and attractive workplace through our values, social responsibility, ethical business practices and business success.
  • Ensuring that our people clearly understand our vision, mission, values and policies governing our business.
  • Developing an organizational architecture that facilitates the release of people’s energy and drive and creating a corporate climate that will stimulate the expression of their potential as individuals and as a team within the company.
  • Most of all, we will strive to provide full meaning to work and effort of all our people that is ultimately translated in terms of strong value contributions that will benefit the community and society at large.


Kementerian Perdagangan dan Industri Malaysia
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Pioneer Status for Manufacturing
Slow Release Fertilizer

Lembaga Kemajuan Perindustrian Malaysia
Malaysia Investment Development Authority
Manufacturing License: A 015437

Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia
Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia
Industry Design No: MY07-00700-0101
PI 20044120 / PI 20061653
PI 20061654 / PI 20061655
PI2011005234 / PI2011005235

Kementerian Perdagangan Republik Indonesia
The Ministry of Trade of the  Republic of Indonesia
Pusat Pengawasan Mutu Barang
NPB No.          : 103-124-131208
SNI No.            : 02-2803-2000

Komite Akreditasi Nasional
No. Akreditasi : 320/LS-Pro/SNI/2013

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
KR / 10-2008-7029052
INDO / W00200803828

Korean Intellectual Property Office
Patent Registration Number